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Repair Services

Need us to pick you up? No problem. Give us a call and we'll schedule our in-house tow truck to pick up your vehicle and give you a ride to the shop.

All services include complementary ride back to your home if your vehicle requires more than 2 hours service time.



Mechanical problems are really important to stay on top of because one small issue can lead to a bigger problem which no one wants. Some of the problems we specialize in are radiator leaks, oil leaks, dead starter, warning lights, engine sputtering, shaky steering wheel, or your vehicle using too much oil, and many other problems that should be taken care of right away.    



If your vehicle is having electrical problems come by our shop to get it repaired and back on the road. Not to worry we can help you out with any engine starter problems, loose wires, faulty fuse box, short circuit, malfunctioning alternators, spark plugs, bad battery cables, and other issues that may happen. 



If at some point you notice issues or noises with your engine it might be time to repair it. A couple of common red flags that you should look out for are rough idle, decreased driving performance, knocking or weird noises from the engine, and increase in exhaust smoke. But don't worry we have you covered and can help you out in a few days with this issue.     



Is your clutch not performing like it used to? Its probably because something needs to be fixed or repaired to get the performance back. A few signs to look out for are if your clutch becomes hard to press, pedal seems to get stuck, a burning type of smell, and slipping gears. Well look into this and see if its the clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, or something else. 



Your brakes are super important for you and your passengers to be safe on the road. An easy fix for us that can save you tons of problems in future. So if you think you need your brake pads, rotors, or calipers fixed don't hesitate and let us check it out. 



We love our cars and have a passion for them but sometimes problems arise. We specialize in rebuilding any vehicle transmission after the year 1990 cars and beyond. This does require an expert to remove the transmission then check, inspect, clean, replace, and reassemble the transmission. In the end you and your beauty car will be back to burning rubber like it used to.

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